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Jade () 12 Sep 01
Your a sick heartless bastard..all i know is that you'll get what you deserve sooner or later if not soon. You have no right to burn anyones flag despite what or what not they have done.
dawn () 13 Sep 01
Steven () 13 Sep 01
There's alot of fucked up shit going on everywhere, not all of it exists in the US. If you have nothing to appreciate about this country maybe you should have been on floor 80 of WTC1 sept 11 at 8:45am.
Alessandra ( 13 Sep 01
I didn't mean to burn the flag by clicking on it, I was trying to right-click on it to save the image of the flag to my hard drive. I wanted a flag to put on my website as a memorial to those whose lives were taken in the tragic event in Manhattan. I myself was right there and witnessed the whole horrific event take place. I am safe at home now, on my knees thanking God for my life and the lives of my co-workers; we were in the FBI building at work just a couple of blocks away, watching helplessly from the panoramic view on the 41st floor. Then we ran for our lives, escaped with the shirts on our backs as all of our belongings collapsed in the hotel nearby the WTC. I, with all of my heart did not intend to "burn" the flag on this site, and I think it's a bit sick that you created this site and the .gif animation that destroys this flag. I think it was wrong of you to create this. Sadly, there's a bigger picture here and it seems pointless to condemn somebody as small as you are. Have a nice day, and thank God for your life. Why don't you spend it doing something a little for constructive for humanity? Alessandra
Matt Smitch ( 13 Sep 01
You are a sick heartless bastard. I don't understand why if you hate our country with such a passion you don't move to an american hating country like Afghanistan or Iraq and see how it is to have your freedom stripped from you. You will then have first hand experience of how it is to have all the rights you so ignorantly shove aside be truly gone. I hope god and this country have mercy on you even though you show no mercy for others. By disgracing our flag, you disgrace every one of us who love this country.
Brian Madden ( 13 Sep 01
Robert ( 14 Sep 01
Love the page! Internationalism not Nationalism!
June ( 14 Sep 01
I want this website to know that it is a bunch of bull that you should be here showing pictures of a burning American flag while people are out there dying for it! The people at the WTC were innocent and died, I think you should honor them and pray to god that you are alive because you could die any minute now and how will you want people to remember being the people who destroyed a symbol of peace or by being a person who honored it. *peace*
Nicole ( 14 Sep 01
The burning flag is sooo wrong... i cant believe u would put something like that up on this... loser...
Katelin ( 14 Sep 01
You are a horrible, disgusting disgrace. How could you do this?! People are dying, because of heartless people like you! And I DIDN'T burn that flag, so I don't know what you're talking about. You have the nerve to ask that we be THOUGHTFUL?! Are you insane?! Our country provides peace, love and respect. How could you hate that?! You MUST be insane! I hope you pay for this horrible act of stupidity!!
Ann ( 14 Sep 01
I find your site to be so ungrateful and such a horrible act of treason and disrespect. i meant to save the image by right clicking on it, and looked back seconds later to see the American flag, in flames. i am truly hurt by this especially after such a horrible attack on the United States as a country, and all of us as Americans. You should be grateful for the freedom that you have, and thank your lucky stars (all 50 of them) that you weren't in the WTC buildings, one of the 4 aircrafts, or the Pentagon.. but then again, maybe you should have been if you have such hatred for our country.
fuck you ( 14 Sep 01
youre going to hell. ;)
Lorax ( 15 Sep 01
Thank you for a wonderful webpage. It's unfortunate to see such a vast number of blind patriots, who will drown in their own nationalism. The recent attack on the WTC buildings was a RETALIATION, not a "terrorist attack." The united states are the real terrorists, constantly terrorizing other nations with our capitalist, imperialistic motives. You people will be victims of your own demise. And don't talk to me about "if you don't like it, why don't you leave." How about if you think your country is so perfect, why don't you go live in war-torn Afghansitan, or Iraq, or any of the innumerable countries the US has raped for their oil reserves, for US corporate business interests. I spent 5 years in the us marines, and I know firsthand about US foreign policy. Once again, fantastic website, thank you for standing up for the truth!
Dan McGovern ( 15 Sep 01
This web page is so improper for this time that I really suggest that you find a way to delete the flag burning at the top. I know that you are just expressing your views, but this is not the time for your cause.
Cindy Armond ( 15 Sep 01
this is horrible..and could you put such a horrible thing on a web site.Our flag stands for everything America is and everything it is is beautiful! Truth,Love Freedom and justice that is what our flag stands for.Your ancestors fought and died for these beliefs and you show how grateful..excuse me ungrateful you are for thier sacrifices...They died so you could choose your religion,job,have your own hopes and ambitions, and even to make this disgusting web page.Freedom that is what that flag stands for..please respect it enough to take this page down.It sadens me to see pages like this..
Jp ( 15 Sep 01
You cock sucker! hehe
Julian ( 16 Sep 01
jesus fucking christ people. does no one want to look at this reasonably without all the emotion involved. Think for yourselves for fucks sake. THINK FOR YOURSELF. has no one ever heard of reason? of logic? go read my posts three pages or so down... then respond to my post if you have any decent responces. fucking hell. just.... shut the fuck up if you have nothing new to say. julian
Alison ( 18 Sep 01
I'm English and I just burnt your flag. Hoorah! I resent my so-called leader promising unwavering and unequivocal support for your stupid sadster of an only-got-elected-by-accident President. If there was a Union Jack there I'd burn that too.
Katrina ( 18 Sep 01
I feel that burning the flag is immoral. I mean why would you want to burn something that stands for so much including your freedom!
Stephanie ( 18 Sep 01
Clarissa () 18 Sep 01
I think you all are a bunch of ignorant people!!! What do you guys know about ethics, credibility and Morals? None. Thats not creating a statement or anything of that source. Have RESPECT for your country and appreciate everything it has given you.
Max ( 19 Sep 01
Long live the Talibans ! May the zionistic-crusader alliance of USA burn !
Jimi ( 19 Sep 01
Lets burn the only flag on this planet that gives you the right to burn the flag... The flag that gives people the 'right' to terrorize the nation with bombs. Lets not 'inconvenience' people with searches at the airport. Its amazing how China, for example, would kill you on site for burning a chinese flag, but chinese people do not even want to. They are proud of their flag. Where as Americans, who have more rights than anyone, actually dislike the rights...
STEPHANIE ( 19 Sep 01
Robert Reid ( 21 Sep 01
My God...have we truly become as a people so callous and ignorat...sick and heartless. For those that see flag burning as a joy and the recent terrorism as a "retaliation"...I can't argue with you. For what good does it do to argue with a person who doesn't have the intelligence to understand the world around them. For those that have cried out against this site and cried out in support of this country...God Bless You. Luckily we seem to be in the majority, this country seems to be smarter as a whole than the few idiots who have posted here.
jon ( 21 Sep 01
i say fuck the flag and fuck america america is full of bull shit,broken promises,lies and curuption we have drug dealing cops lying presidents thousands of people dying everyday if america was so fucking great theyd find a way to make this shit stop but the president the congress men then dont give a fuck about america and doing whats right they care about taking home a fat paycheck they dont care about stoping crime and feeding hungry people they care about who there gonna fuck next and it makes me sick
Katelin ( 23 Sep 01
You are a horrible, disgusting disgrace. How could you do this?! People are dying, because of heartless people like you! And I DIDN'T burn that flag, so I don't know what you're talking about. You have the nerve to ask that we be THOUGHTFUL?! Are you insane?! Our country provides peace, love and respect. How could you hate that?! You MUST be insane! I hope you pay for this horrible act of stupidity!!
winston smith () 24 Sep 01
yeah, cool. bin laden rulez ;-)
Victor ( 24 Sep 01
Well as a 18 student inlight of recent events i still beleve that we should be aloud to burn a flag. 1. it is you property you can do what every you want with it. 2. being aposed to all form of war i should be alowed to burn a flag to show that untill i SEE the facts i will not fight. 3. when the draf comes around i will burn my flag in protrest of that and if you think you can take that right away from me fuck you. email if you have a good point Victor
Nick FUCKYOU ( 24 Sep 01
FUCK YOU....... you are a freak......... we should burn you........your nothiong but a bitch and a coward..........go fuckk your mom........... your nothing but a soer who gets off on faggots nuttin in your ass......... you should burn in hell..........
NICK FUCKYOU ( 24 Sep 01
to all you americans who think flag burning is wrong.............. i say............ RIGHT ON WE AMERICAN LOVE OUR FLAG.............. fuck all you arabs and flag burning bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ||----|----| ||____|----| ||---------| ||---------| || || || || || || ::::
carey ( 25 Sep 01
as i look at the comments below, i see some intelligent comments made by intelligent people, and then i see comments like "your nothing but a soer who gets off on faggots nuttin in your ass". now, who comes across as level-headed and well spoken and who comes across as a complete dipshit? and i have to say i laughed out loud at the "Our country provides peace, love and respect" comment, but at the same time i feel sorry for anyone who is that naive and ignorant. i do not respect nationalism, therefore i do not respect ANY flag, but especially the american flag, being as it represents a country that has achieved it's position in the world today by stepping on and exploiting others. and to all of you who have a problem with this site, look at it like this: it's all about freedom of expression...i respect your right to hang a flag outside your house, so respect my right to burn a flag outside of mine.
Susan ( 25 Sep 01
your comments are just as bad as the rest of them up here. you dont respect "any flag"??? thats ridiculous. what about the Red Cross's flag or the flag of a poor native tribe in Ethiopia? and you crucify america for stepping on people along the way, but what about every other great empire to from the dawn of history? what about the Brits or the Greeks? do you think they gave roses and flowers to their neighbors? its human nature to try and dominate others and its also human nature to resent and oppose the domination of ones individuality. you go on to contradict yourself even further. you say that you "respect your right to hang a flag outside your house, so respect my right to burn a flag outside of mine" in the end, but only a few sentences before you claim you dont respect nationalism. isnt hanging a flag outside your house nationalism?
Bill Clinton () 25 Sep 01
Fuck you
carey ( 25 Sep 01
susan: to begin with, when i said "any flag" i was referring to the flags of countries, not to flags that represent organizations or tribes, which i thought seemed apparent when preceded by "i do not respect nationalism". secondly, i never said that america was the only nation in history that has been oppressive, however, i did single out america here because this site allows you to burn the AMERICAN flag, not the flag of the british empire or ancient greece. and finally, you say i contradict myself with my ending comment, perhaps i should clarify. you see, i do not respect nationalism, however i DO respect the right of people to express themselves (within reason). by this i mean the following: i respect your right to hang a flag outside your house, on your car, etc. what i do not respect is being forced to stand, face the flag, and pledge allegiance to it, or people who expect me to cherish a piece of cloth as if it were a gift from an all-mighty deity. hope that clears things up.
Susan ( 25 Sep 01
Carey: what you say and what you may mean are two vastly different things. im sorry if your statements were not clear enough for me. maybe i am misunderstanding something else you say too, because yet again i find your statements contradictory. you mention that you respect the right for people to express themselves, but "within reason." well who exactly determines this level of reason? you? me? my grandfather? and in your initial post you say you laughed at the person's comment "Our country provides peace, love and respect." does that mean you dont respect opinions that differ from your own? maybe the answer is apparent again, i don't know. and another thing, what is your big issue with america? sure there are lots of problems with pretty much everything, but didn't you grow up with a roof under your head and food on the table? did you have to worry about people coming into your house at night and killing or raping you? can you go to church and not fear that someone from the next church is going to come in and massacre you and your congregation? that's a lot more than many people not born here can say about their country.
dRevil ( 25 Sep 01
Since the flag has now become a symbol of national unity behind tyranny, oppression, bigotry, and *GWB*. I feel it is my duty as a patriotic American to distance myself from those who defile the flag through displaying it in support of their evil cause, and burn it to demonstrate that the United States is supposed to be a country of the free, not of propaganda lapping swine.
Mark Tanner () 25 Sep 01
The flag is the symbol of the human need to assert power and influence over others. It is a patriotic symbol designed to bring out notions of national pride enabling governments to persuade individuals to commit atrocities in the name of the flag. Armies have traditionally marched under the flag. Even 'free' America has committed atrocities in the name of the flag (anyone remember Vietnam?). America also 'ethnically cleansed' the native American indians in the name of the flag. There are no countries, only people.
Becky ( 25 Sep 01
Burning the flag to me means showing nothing but a total disrespect for our country. If you burn the flag which stands for our country, then apparently, you don't belong in this country. To me, it's the same morals and values every person should be raised with. To be kind, understand and respect other peoples property. The flag belongs to everyone who lives in this country so show some respect and let the flag waive as it is supposed to.
Will () 27 Sep 01
I do not believe that a wave of patriotism is the correct or moral response to this recent tragedy. Innocent people were killed and we, america, will kill even more under the flag. At this time it is more important than ever to support our rights. Burn a flag, burn as many as you can. The American flag stands for greed and corruption. If you want to show support for the innocent people who have been killed AND those we will kill, fly a black flag in mourning, not an american one...
carey ( 27 Sep 01
susan: i understand that my statements may seem unclear, but keep in mind that it is difficult to express your full opinion in a small paragraph. when i said "within reason", i was only accounting for extreme cases of expression, an act that most people would agree is wrong, such as publishing a pro-nazi zine or something along those lines. but i think about it, and that could technically be seen as restricting one's first ammendment rights, so i will agree with you...who's really to say what's within reason? as for my response to the "Our country provides peace, love and respect" comment, honestly...i did laugh, and i still do see it as a naive comment. i do respect that person's right to say it, but i also have the right to state my opinion on it. however, i will admit that at the time, i was a little angry from reading the other comments, so my response may have been a bit exaggerated. and you ask what my big issue with america is, and i believe i stated that in my initial post, or at least touched on it. i have not been deprived of anything crucial to my survival, but it goes way beyond that. it is way too much to go into on an internet message board.
tobermori ( 30 Sep 01
I think we should send you to Afgahnistan with all the other Camel Shagging, flag burning bastards. How dare you disrespect the country and troops that defend the freedoms you enjoy and obviosly do not deserve. I will be arriving in the Middle East to kick some terrorist ass here pretty soon. I have a bullet with you name on it. See you there. Tobermori.
Chris ( 30 Sep 01
Hey if you wanna burn the flag go right ahead, just get the hell out of this country. If you cant respect the symbol of YOUR freedom then you dont deserve to live here anyway.
Mike Bell ( 30 Sep 01
Hi, my name is Mike. I was going to say something about flags and burning them, but after reading the "comment on comments" that whatever asshole created this site put up, I decided to respond to that instead. How dare you say to anyone "try to be thoughtful, and not just another asshole." Suck my fucking dick, you sorry pretentious fuck! I haven't noticed ANYTHING posted on this board but a bunch of old, recycled, ineffectual crap that some idiot said better about 400 years ago. So fuck off!
American ( 01 Oct 01
Get this stuff off of here!This is America.No one should be showing anything like this.That is a disgrace,evil,and whoever did this is going straight to HELL!That is just as bad as the terrorist attacks.Trying to kill our freedom and pride.This might kill alittle freedom but NOTHING can take our PRIDE!I MEAN NOTHING!
nancy leva ( 02 Oct 01
It is time to put flag burning in a category such as yelling "Fire!" in a theatre. I do not wish to step on anyone's first amendment privileges. Americans have passion for their flag and will step up to the plate when the respect for it is compromised. To allow provocation by those either testing the waters, the anti-establisment personality, or the simply stupid, should not be allowed or tolerated,by any one of us who love our country, our flag and all it stands for. Long may it wave.
Johan Sydling ( 02 Oct 01
Get a life.
TEd Sawchuck ( 02 Oct 01
I burn the flag because it misrepresents what amerikkka stands for......we're a racist, homophobic state. I want to fight that, and burning a flag is one way to show my views. It's also fun, and you can use it to roast marshmallows.
netzero 40.1 ( 03 Oct 01
You are either for the U.S. or against it! Desecration of the flag is against the U.S. Why would someone who hates the U.S. remain here? Because they like the standard of living but are too phony to admit it. Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher, Barbara Striesand, Jane Fonda, Ted Turner, Ed Asner, Rep. B. Lee, Robert Redford, and the rest of the phony leeches!
netzero 40.1 ( 03 Oct 01
To: TEd Sawchuck ( You are a disgrace to your mother (who couldn't identify your father(s)). Go smoke your dope, draw food stamps, march with perverts, and vote for Hillary! Does the stand for Taliban Jihad Sympathizer @ Pakistan online?
zero ( 03 Oct 01
In response, you are the one who has committed an atrocity. You don't have the courage to defend anything. All your blather amounts to a yellow streaked educated fool who doesn't appreciate what has been given to you but requires responsibilities. As to the "native americans" (I'm suprised you used the offensive name "indian", I don't see you or them voting with your feet!
Jason Lively ( 03 Oct 01
I must be honest in saying that I have never burned a flag, but I would be equally as truthful in saying that I dont worship one either. How can anyone really have a problem with the destruction of a REPRESENTATION on our country (and a corrupt country at that!) There is a distinct difference between killing thousands of people living in our country, and burning a symbol of our nation and government- a symbol which stopped representing what it was intended to symbolize before the civil war. And in response to TEd Sawchuck, I bet the flag is an excellent source of fuel for marshmello roasting. After all, we are having n energy crisis right now, are we not? And bombing the shit out of the middle east certainly isnt going to help that condition. I say light the furnaces with flags! After all, if you see the Buddha, kill the Buddha. One final point. What is the preffered method of disposing of a tattered flag? BURNING!
TEd Sawchuck ( 03 Oct 01
zero: I'm burning a piece of is that an atrocity? and your quoting sucks. netzero: first, congratulations on not giving a real email address. Second, the TJS is my initials.....but that's not a bad suggestion. Second, my mother thinks i'm cool, i do enjoy smoking dope, and am not on government asssistence. I plan on voting for Hillary. As for your for/against're do you explain those who support while still knowing some things are wrong? can't.
jim corit ( 04 Oct 01
you are a a1 pure dumb ass who should be locked up and never touched . how could you do somthing like this? what you think this helps us well im 15 and i have got more sense than you,you bum .so just keep being a bitch by burning are flag but when and if we go to war i hope they bomb you house or shack i mean your probly a losser with nothin better to do so take a american flag and shove it up your fat ass!!! p.s i hope you burn in hell you dumb shit!!!
TEd Sawchuck ( 04 Oct 01
Jim: Why should I be locked up? Because I think differently than you? How could I do it, Jim? I do it easily....with a lighter. I think flag-burning helps me. Your "sense" shows through in the fact that you can't spell and insult me personally instead of rebutting my arguments. Since when does the Taliban have bombers? I hope you enjoy heaven...i wish no ill toward those who disagree with me.
meliss ( 05 Oct 01
i think that is sick...i didn't even know that flag was gonna burn i juss clicked on it cuz i thought that it would become bigger because i wanted to put it on my page especially at a time like this this is a disgrace to our country and we should all stand together
Jamie () 05 Oct 01
I'm not going to say that flag burning is the right thing to do, but if people want to do it then I think that they have the right to. Those who try to "outlaw" it is wrong, because what if they believed in something so strongly, and people tried to tell them that their belief is wrong. They wouldn't like it
squidfire ( 05 Oct 01
burn that flag its gay to be arrested you doing what you belive in you dont get arrested for praying jesus loves if we burn that idolistic peice of crap i burned one and im proud of it ill burn another one ill burn a hundred more so shut your mouths
TEd Sawchuck ( 06 Oct 01
Meliss: Standing together means giving up my beliefs....won't happen. I've helped those affected by the New York tragedy. I've given money and tried to give blood. (the lines were three hours long and I was told to come back in a few weeks) Burning a flag doesn't mean you disrespect humanity...just agree with the way humans are governed in amerikkka. I burned my first flag last night.
TEd Sawchuck ( 07 Oct 01
I burned a flag on Friday, and another on Saturday.....I feel much better.
ianscheid ( 10 Oct 01
what i beleive is PROBABLY no one will care but i think that as a teenager there are some really fucked up ethics in this society and the more people believe in the ideolistic god fearing people are just being brainwashed by the political bull shit and there religeous leaders i say go to hell with the whole us of fucking A
Willie ( 10 Oct 01
So far my feelings and thoughts have angered those around me and there are a few who side with me. Flag burning can piss a lot of people off. But those people that do get pissed off are inferior to me as I see it. Flag burning should not be punishable, but if it is done, it should be for an intelligent reason, not one of pure hatred, although those too who hate usually have a very good reason to do so. I laugh at what has come out of people's minds around me and those I see on the news. I see anger, hatred, people filled on revenge, racial hatred, and carelessness for other innocent lives. If you look back at history, we (United States of America) were first looked at as terrorists by the British for wanting to become our own country. Look at it for yourself in the books. We drop the 2 A-bombs on Japan, but no war crimes are commited. Why? Cause simply it's okay when we do it. It's always okay when we do something. Now comes the time when (we the people) should realize where our country is headed when we try to police the world. We will not always be a safe country. It is simply a matter of time before more, and I mean lots more of innocent lives are lost in this country. Don't support our country in this retaliation when they haven't even provided us with hard evidence Osama is behind this. And Afganhistan is attacked...why? No reason yet is reasonable for this type of revenge. I'm telling you...everyone out there....the human race has been given chances to change and survive it's own fate.....I know.....United States plays a big role in this. Burn the flag freely as you want and let everyone know, you care for humanity.....USA has done wrong. Change the future people. Change it.....
Joe Brilla ( 11 Oct 01
ewwww this website is sick!!!! whoever made this site up is a %$%&***
Fuck Off ( 11 Oct 01
Flag burning is for communist faggots. I hope you slide under a gas truck and taste your own blood! FUCK YOU!
Kirill from Russia ( 12 Oct 01
America must die! I glad to see burning flag of winner.
Patriot ( 12 Oct 01
I think that burning flag burners should be considered a valid form of free speech and protected under the constitution!
TEd Sawchuck ( 12 Oct 01
Patriot: Burning a flag is a personal choice. Burning a flag burner is assault. Learn the difference. Fuck:'re an idiot. Joe: How is it sick? We believe something that you don'
miguelito ranchero ( 13 Oct 01
nice site. i really enoyed it. can you guys make a database of all nations' flags so that we can burn anyone we want, when we want, for burning pleasure? corporate-nationalism is too narrow, we need to EVOLVE. i have about 10 countires whose flag i wish to burn on a daily basis, before my morning tea. thanks boys for the good work!
Adam Free ( 14 Oct 01
You Are dumb if you think that flag burning is ok. This is the symbol of our county and our freedom. Do you want to burn those? If so you are just the same as those
dean powell () 15 Oct 01
fuck you
dean powell () 15 Oct 01
fuck you, you damn piss ants
TEd Sawchuck ( 15 Oct 01
Adam: Is that the best response you have? If you can't rebut my points without insulting me, it would seem that you're wrong. The flag IS a symbol....but that's ALL it is. By burning the flag, I don't burn freedom and liberty....Bush's servants do that when they authorize suspension of due process, and did when they gave him the election. As for Dean, he's not worth my time.
zg ( 16 Oct 01
yall are full of crap. this is wrong against your country. sure you should stand up for what you believe.. but to deface a symbol of the country you live in???? that is as unmoral as blasphmey. if you dont believe in what it stands for, then why are you here?!?!? go to where you belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
freedom ( 16 Oct 01
burning the flag is my right, any americans right, any humans right. it is just propaganda from the hypocritic government.
Genine ( 17 Oct 01
During this time of feer, and confusion our country is searching awncers, and no one knows what to beleive. I came to this cite to get information for my college report, and reallized quickly that the flag is a part of what our nation stands for, and burning the flag is a horrible statement, but a statement that is not killing anyone. I am more worried bout the bombing in Afganistan, and the Anthrax scares in The U.S. then I am about someone expressing there political veiws by burning a flag. It can be argued back and forth, but the simple fact is that flag burning is protected under the first ammendmant. Burning the flag is a moral issue, and if the government starts deciding what is and is not morraly acceptable our socieity is doomed. It is not right, but it is a moral not judicial decision. Lets stop acting like communist.
TEd Sawchuck ( 17 Oct 01
Zack: In order: I'm not full of crap, flag burning is american, yes I should stand up for whta I believe and if that takes defacing a symbol, so be it. The word is immoral and I doubt you determine religious laws. I don't belive we HAVE what the flag stands for, at least not yet. I belong here, fighting to make amerikkka better.
Chad ( 19 Oct 01
Burning the flag is pefectly legal. I would never burn the flag because I have no need to. But the peaceful protesters have every right to burn the flag and should not be stopped. If we try to stop these people then we are becoming the very government that we fought so hard to break from
Sammy ( 19 Oct 01
Why would anyone want to burn our flag. All that it does is outrages most of the citizens of our country. If we really want peace lets stop burning flags and stop all the other things that make people mad like media coverage of black against white and white against black. This country is going sour because everyone is crying that thier rights are being violated. Our government is trying to protect us from more disasters by improving security. The people that cry about rights are accually against things like bag checking in airports. WAKE UP...we need to do these things before something more horrific happends. Screw our rights, I chose to live instead.
richard ( 21 Oct 01
you don't like are flag are country move to Afghanistan if were lucky a bomb might land on your head
Mike ( 23 Oct 01
freedom, the flag represents it. Why would you want to burn a symbol of freedom in order to symbolize freedom? (irony and hypocracy) Yes, you should have the right to express yourself by burning the flag if you want, and i have the right to come up and beat the crap of anyone who does. Why? what has this country done to wrong you, if you don't like America, then get the hell out! we don't want you here. People in the United States have it so good, that the get bored and feel the need to protest something, and this is a perfect example of this. Go over to Kabul and join all the other anti-american assholes igniting themselves while trying to burn an American flag with the wrong number of stars and stripes, and hopefully in one moment with one bomb, we'll get all you and bin laden, and the taliban at the same time, and the world, and this country will be a better place.
Jill ( 23 Oct 01
I support being able to burn the flag. I lived in France a s a foreign exchande student for a year, and I got to tell ya, the US seems like an extemely arrogant nation to everybody else. This includes me since I moved bock. Get over it people, the flag is nothing more than a piece of fabric. Every country has one!
Jim ( 24 Oct 01
If it is my right to burn our symbol of freedom, Then I should be free enough to go take a crap in my neghbors yard. Maybe I'll go and yell.. I'm free I'm free, out in the street at 2:00 am. Why not it's a free country right. Kind of stupid is'nt it. If you think your rights are being violated then take a look at the rest of the world and see how they live. Stop bitching and crying like a F***ing baby. Go and be proud to be an American. If you are not then shut the F*** up and move.
JMB () 30 Oct 01
darn right flag burning is a freedom protected by the Constitution! the case was settled in United States v. Eichman in 1990.
brian foley () 05 Nov 01
burn all flags/no more countries/no more poverty/no more leaders/
Chrystal Doucette ( 13 Nov 01
Before flag-wavers cry out in agony when they imagine their symbol of freedom being trampled on, they should think about he implications of changing the Bill of Rights. There were only 11.5 cases a year from 1994-2000, according to the Citizen’s Flag Alliance, a group that supports an Amendment to the Constitution. With such a small number of people committing these acts, any action by Congress is a waste of time The Bill of Rights is over 200 years old. It was created because people feared that without such a bill the government would take away individual liberties. Also keep in mind that these were thought of as "inalienable rights." If the government can take them away, then it’s they aren’t alienable. If the government starts taking away any one of these rights, it goes against the principals for which it was founded upon. But some people think that flag burning also goes against what America was founded upon. Freedom. By burning the flag, the person is saying that they don’t care about freedom. This is wrong. Oftentimes what the person is protesting is not freedom itself, but an issue. The people who are prosecuted are not prosecuted for the act of burning the flag, but for showing their opinions. It’s alright to burn a flag to retire it, but not to desecrate it otherwise. According to People for the American way (, during World War II a group of people were prosecuted for displaying flags with doves on it, which is desecrating it, but in political campaigns it is alright to superimpose a face upon the flag. So, what Americans are saying is, "Be patriotic or be silent." Anti-patriotism is insulting. But so is Howard Stern. Someone can just as easily turn their TV off as they can turn away from a burning flag if they don’t want to see it. It doesn’t mean Americans should accept it, but it means that they should tolerate it.
Richard ( 22 Nov 01
Well I guess that the last couple of months have brought out alot of flag wavers and alot of flag burners. Here's how I feel about it all. I am a soldier in the United States Army. I have sworn to do the same as so many of my brothers and sisters before me... To die for this country. The flag is nothing but a symbol of this country. But so many men have died trying to carry it. Back in the old days when flags were still taken into battle, just being near the flag made you a target. But people still wanted the duty. I don't burn the flag out of respect for those brave souls. But I am an American Soldier. As an American Soldier it is my duty to protect ALL freedom. Even the freedom to burn the flag. So yeah... Burn it. I won't try to stop you. On the contrary... I will die so that you can do so. But I ask you this. What are you doing. Are you protesting? Are you being origional? Why don't you write letters instead of burning symbols. Why don't you vote for the change you want? Or have sit ins? Anything. If you are at war with all that is wrong with this government, why don't you turn your agression against the problems rather than the sybols of the home of the problem. If you continue to wage a sybolic war against a piece of cloth that thousand of people have ided just to hold in thier hands, can you ever hope to do more than dihonor those men and to win only symbolic victories in front of tv crews. If I am gonna serve under this flag to protect your freedoms, why don't you atleast use them in a constructive manner? Pvt Richard Butler 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Polly Hall ( 24 Nov 01
i think that flag burning sucks if the fabric is made of synthetic fibres. burning flags can be fun, but not when everyone around the flag is inhaling toxic fumes. aside from that, while i understand the glee of setting a flag aflame, i hardly think that it actually does anything to change they way things are going. but fun is fun and lets have more of it!
Kip ( 25 Nov 01
In other countries, when a person burns a flag they are beaten, put in jail, or killed. Here in America when a person burns a flag, I just think to myself, "Hay, we have so many freedoms here, we even have the freedom to burn our own flag." as if we have anything to really complain about. I think that it is great that we all have the right to burn an American Flag, but I think that it is even better that that the majority of U.S. do not. I pray that we never do.
Gary Swing () 30 Nov 01
Playwright Oscar Wilde wrote: "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious." The American flag is a symbol of evil. It stands for lies, hypocrisy, ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, bigotry, authoritarianism, and mass murder. Anyone who believes in the values of truth, justice, freedom, and individual rights is absolutely anti-American. Patriotic Americans place no value on human life, only on American lives.
cory nitta () 03 Dec 01
Though I have much bases for not supporting patriotism I see not much productivity in the act of burning a flag, this is because such a controversial action is so easily misinterpreted there are many different reasons a person could burn a flag, there are many reasons I could justify myself doing so, but whether your upset about something our government is doing and protesting or just practicing your first amendment right,It is not the best way to make others understand or clear on your cause. It just taunts and pisses off the small and comforting minds of the proud American on lookers. The flag to me stands for nothing it is just a piece of cloth, this does not mean that I dont respect the idea of freedom, this just means that I dont need a material object to broadcast an idea. I also think that patriotism is dangerous. I am not a religious person but let me point out a contradiction. Patriotism is having extreme pride in a government. Being puffed up with pride or boastful is one of the seven sins, if America "trusts in god" do you really think we should be trusting in someone that we choose to defy. What is upsetting is the attitude of people that say" if you have a problem with our government or country, why dont you just move out?" well because "constitutionally" we aren't supposed to, the system is supposed to allow for those under its rule to change it if we dont like it, not move if we dont like it. I feel that all opinion in this mater are biased mainly on your class. where I am from the existent of freedom and justice is based solely on the existent of your wealth and social status. I do not Pledge Allegiance to our flag of the united states of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for the rich.
lee ( 06 Dec 01
i believe that burning the flag is a symbol for being displeased and should be protected by the first amendment. if all of the anarchists and neo nazis etc.. can preach their text then why cant a few dissatified people show their disfaction by burning a flag? that concept is so stupid. and futhermore if they outlaw the burning they are asking for more dramtic demonstratoins.
don't ( 11 Dec 01
why burn the flag? it doesn't accomplish anything, it's disrespectful. what about all the people that died for it?!? hm?!?
Jennafer () 12 Dec 01
This is a horrible web site, it's mean and unneccesary. You are all very disrespectful, and I hope you never lose anyone close to you, like those in the world trade center.
Chris Bender ( 26 Dec 01
What a wonderful website - thank you! I think everyone should burn all flags (not just the US flag), come up with new ones if we have to, and then burn those after a while, too. Creating society is a process. Patriotism is just plain bad. You don't have to look very far to understand that the US is the world's #1 rogue nation, and the world's #1 terrorist state. It will require a lot of work for the US to become as benevolent as most US citizens think it is - one of the first steps is to get over all that pious crap about patriotism and the flag , look at what this country actually does in the world, and then work to make the US a good international citizen.