Comments of Military Personnel, re: Flag Burning

Jim Wills (
It is inconceivable to me that anyone would ever consider burning the flag of their native country as an act of individual free speech. Free anything is never free. Old Glory was bought with the blood of many good men. The flag that I served for 20 years in the military is the same flag that I swore allegence to as a child in each and every grade. I find the process offensive and a stab in the back to those of us who dedicated our lives to protecting and serving it.
I'm not inclined to burn the American Flag. I would rather that it fly proudly, standing for the good that America is, and symbolizing the freedom that we have to try to right what is wrong with our nation. I wore the uniform of the United States Marine Corps and went off to fight for what I believed to be for the principals of freedom and democracy. Among those rights are the freedom of expression and speech. We can not be free if we stifle the freedom of any one of us. I believe that flag-burning is the immature act of an immature person, however I would fight to defend the freedom that allows it. John Masterjohn USMC (ret)
R.O.T.C. Cadet ( 07 Mar 00
if individuals want to burn our beloved flag, then they truly are not citizens of the United States. i believe that burning our flag is wrong and if anyone disgraces Old Glory, they should be expelled from our country. i think this because many people have fought and died for the honor to live in this free land and if someone wants to enjoy freedom in this country, they should abide by what Old Glory stands for. Sincerely, a future officer of the United States Army.
James Whitfield ( 26 Mar 00
I am a member of the U.S. Air Force. I would proudly fight and give my life for the rights of every American. Oh how you dishonor me by burning the very cloth I swore under "To Serve and Protect" you. I would die for your right, would you die for my honor? Flag burning is a right every American should have, but be intelligent enough not to use.
dennis ( 01 Aug 00
i found your site by mistake. i was looking for some good pics of THE flag.i don't know what you are about.but the burning of the the flag upset me.i love my country and the flag that stands for it.i was in the navy untilled retired.i believe anybody has the right to burn the flag if they so matter how much it disturbs me.but if you are so upset to burn the flag that stands for all that is good in our the bill of rights and the constitution that allows you to do so.maybe you should visit other country's and see what would happen if you burned thier flag in protest.i strongly suggest cuba. please get back to me on the results.please don't ever burn an american flag in my view because i know you have the right to but i would go to jail for my responce. good bye dennis connor
Bill Lemieux ( 03 May 01
Our flag is a symbol, but a symbol of what? Freedom, right? Our veterans, (and I am a veteran myself, by the way) did not die for a piece of fabric with colors on it, they died for what it stands for- the freedoms our founding fathers tried to guarantee us when they wrote the constitution. One of the ways the founding fathers tried to protect us from oppressive governments of the future was by guaranteeing free speech. Free speech is the freedom to express your opinion, even when it runs contrary to the prevailing attitudes of the government. Another fundamentally important freedom is the freedom to own private property and to deal with your own property as you please, provided that it does not infringe directly upon the rights of your neighbor. I joined the military because I was willing to die for _your_ right to disagree with your government, even to the extent of burning the flag if such a silly and ineffectual statement means that much to you. There are other countries where speaking out against the current government will get you thrown in jail or shot. Just look at what happened in Tienanmen Square. Are those people more free, or less free, than Americans? I personally would never burn the American flag because A) I consider it offensive, and B) it's a pointless gesture. But I will fight for your right to do so, because being offensive shouldn't be against the law. To sum up, I ask that each of you ask yourself this question, and answer it honestly: Which is more important: a piece of fabric which represents our country and the concept of Liberty upon which it was founded... or Liberty itself?
Charlie Cameron ( 20 Jun 01
The Flag was and is important to all of us except the people who never served this country of whom are many i busted my ass to preserve this country Military and Civilian The flag should never been on any ass or Burned to me that is Treason.!!
Lorax ( 15 Sep 01
Thank you for a wonderful webpage. It's unfortunate to see such a vast number of blind patriots, who will drown in their own nationalism. The recent attack on the WTC buildings was a RETALIATION, not a "terrorist attack." The united states are the real terrorists, constantly terrorizing other nations with our capitalist, imperialistic motives. You people will be victims of your own demise. And don't talk to me about "if you don't like it, why don't you leave." How about if you think your country is so perfect, why don't you go live in war-torn Afghansitan, or Iraq, or any of the innumerable countries the US has raped for their oil reserves, for US corporate business interests. I spent 5 years in the us marines, and I know firsthand about US foreign policy. Once again, fantastic website, thank you for standing up for the truth!
marty ( 28 Mar 02
This site is so hypocritical. Burning a symbol of freedom may just be a way to express your freedom, but it only shows that you can not commit to anything. This site talks about freedom of speech and yet you moderate what is posted in your guestbook. It states that clearly! You or whom ever burns our flag has no commitment to anything or anyone but your selfish self. I bet you never once suffered for anything or anyone. Yet you cry about your freedoms. People must easily forget how many people have died for the freedoms that we take for granted today. this is hypocritical and ridiculous. Dont ever burn a flag publicly in woodbridge virginia or cheraw, south carolina. That is wear i live and that is where i am from. Yes you have the right to do it but If you do and invite me than i will take the freedom to defend my countries flag by any means necessary. Hows that for freedom? It must be real difficult for you to be so broad minded and self righteous. I served this country in the military and i continue to serve this country out of the military. I have been poor and now I am an small business owner. Dont you Remember "its not what your country can do for you, its what you can do for your country", and by burning this countries glorious flag you are just starting to help out, right! You are not Americans, you flag-burners are terrorists that will only have satisfaction when this great government is no more. You are trying to use freedom to destroy a symbol of freedom. Such hyprocrits!
Matthew McCown () 22 Aug 02
105th Mountain, Air Born Ranger United States Army, Active.. Defender of GOD and COUNTRY. Anyone who burns the flag that I lay my life down for, will have to take my life or lose theirs.