Flag-burning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. If you don't love this country, why don't you get (the !@#$) out?
A. That would be giving up.

Q. How can you burn the very flag which gives you your freedom, including the freedom to burn the flag?
A. The flag doesn't give you freedom. Government doesn't give you rights. You give the government rights.

Q. Why don't you go (the !@#$) someplace like Egypt or India and see how people live there, then try criticizing America?
A. Those governments don't claim to represent me. Also, they don't claim to be the greatest. Finally, I've been to those countries, so there.

Q. Why do you see only the bad about America, and none of the good?
A. Burning the flag can say something good. It says people control the government, not vice-versa. It says this until you're punished for it.

Q. Will you tell me where you live, so I can kick you (and your sorry ass) all the way to China?
A. Sure!

Q. Do you realize you're spitting on the grave of every soldier who died for your freedom?
A. Every US military action in my lifetime has been motivated by money. But, let's assume soldiers have died for my rights. Flag-burning honors that sacrifice. What would be the point in dying for rights no one wanted?

Q. Why would somebody (and his sorry ass) make a site like this?
A. To foster discussion of the nature and value of free speech. To remind government of "the Right of the People to alter or abolish it." To to remind you of that too.

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